“As a fellow collector I share his passion for this fascinating subject. What separates Robert from his peers is his unending search for the truth behind this piece of Americana.”

Mike Jendreski

“He has been a good friend for the last eight to ten years and I have confidence in whatever he may do. Anything that you are concerned about please put your mind at ease. He is an authority on this subject and has some very interesting material, let alone background in this field.”

Stuart Fuld

“Robert has truly taken what we know about the Ouija board to a new level. If you need to know something about this particular subject, Robert is the one to talk to.”

“It is difficult to imagine completing this ambitious project without your help and connections. In addition your knowledge of the history of spirit boards, and your personal collection of them as well, made a very positive contribution to the final production.”

“Aside from being an expert on the boards, Bob has been so patient and generous with his time, especially when we keep changing our minds over what we want every five minutes. In essence, Bob has been a great asset to this film, and we could not have done it without him.”